How to study smart & achieve success quickly? (the proven technique)

As we all know that it’s the 21st century where technology is dominating over a subordinate. With the increase in technology, the main challenge for every student is to learn as much as they can. In other words, they have to studies smart, not hard. But the question is, why to studies smart? How to studies smart? And what is the difference between smart study and hard study?

So, today I try to explain the main difference between the two and provide you with the best tips regarding the smart studies.

In fact, these tips help me to score 9.8 CGPA in 10th, 88% in 12th, and 8.8 CGPA in B.TECH graduation. Not only that I also got a job in TATA steel with a good salary package. Hence I named this a pathway technique. In this, I am going to give you a full routine that you should follow to study smart and think positively.

So, let’s dive right in.

What is the difference between hard study and smart study?

In short Study hard means, you work very hard at studying. Consequently, you give more time to your study. Studies hard doesn’t mean you study smart. e.g., I study late last night but didn’t understand anything.

In short Study smart means, you should focus on study more effectively and efficiently. Instead, spend a lot of time in it try to capture more in less time. e.g., I study only 1 hour that day and understand the topic quickly.

Why study smart?

It’s essential for any student in this era to studies smart rather than hard. Because of study smart not only help you to get knowledge and secure good marks in exam But also helps you built confidence and self-esteem.

Studies smart reduces your stress about tests and deadlines. The smart studies help you to improves your skills and ability to learn and retain knowledge.

How to study smart?

I already mention my technique called the pathway technique. So, let’s understand what this technique means. And how to apply this technique to your real life. As the name suggests pathway technique is the technique that helps you to achieve your path quickly.

Indeed, We divide the pathway technique on the basis of school/college and home.

Let’s understand one by one.

Study smart At school/college.

School/College plays a very crucial role in our education system. Hence, we should always know the value and the importance of school/college. Furthermore, this is the only place where you got to know about the education system. So, to make your college/school life more enjoyable with your studies then, it’s not to mention that you have to studies smart.

It’s important to realize that if you give your 100% in school/college. And fully concentrate yourself during lecture time than according to the pathway technique, you complete 60% of the study task at school only.

Hence, the question arrives here is how to study smart in school/college?

Let’s understand with these points in detail.

  1. Be the first bencher, not last bencher.
  2. Concentrate on the teacher at lecture time.
  3. Enjoy the subject.
  4. Make good friends.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Refresh yourself in the break.

Be the first bencher, not last bencher.

According to Dr. Paul Adams, a dean at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, it’s clear that the student who sits more closer to the first bench tends to perform much better in class. Because the student on the front seat is more tuned with the teacher. Participate more in a class discussion, which built more confidence in them.

Indeed, this is the biggest factor that maintains good study habits in students. Adams says, “of course, it is not the sole determinant, but it’s the mix. It’s a strategy we suggest because it works”.

Concentrate on the teacher at lecture time.

It’s essential for the smart study is to give your 100% at lecture time. Concentrate more during lecture time helps you to get the topic quickly in a short period. Try to focus on the main concept instead of record everything.

Indeed, make notes of the lecture it helps you to get the topic to recall easily in future. Record questions that you can’t understand during the lecture and clear it after the speech.

Enjoy the subject.

It’s not to mention that not every student like to study all subjects. Every student has different subject interest some like maths, some like science, some like arts etc. But, if the subject that you did not like is in your syllabus then in anyhow you have studied it for the exam.

So, rather than study it forcefully or take that subject as a burden. If you enjoy the issue by keeping this in mind that you are going to learn something new. Then you enjoy the subject and learn new things.

Make good friends.

As we all heard that one good friend is worth more than a crew of fake. Because good friends not only support your hard time but also gives you good advice which is useful for you. Making a good friend means to make a friend who has good habits.

As an essential part of the study is note making and by comparing and discussing notes with friends makes you understand the topic quickly. Indeed, you will also ask questions about your course that you might not understand.

It’s important to realize that your action and behavior. It is based upon the group circle. Therefore you need to choose your ring wisely.

Drink more water.

You might be thinking that what is the role of water in the sharp study? But, it’s scientifically proved that the more you stay hydrated, the more acute your mind work. Water consume may also reduce anxiety, which is known to harm student performance.

A survey of 498 students was conducted and found that the student who carries water at the exam hall will score 5% more marks than those without water. Water consuming may have a physiological effect on thinking function that lead to an increase in the student’s performance.

Refresh yourself in the break.

It’s important to realise that refreshing yourself over a while improve your learning, thinking and focusing ability. So, the question is how to get a refresh in school/college? What if I told you that 10 minutes is enough to refresh your mind. It sounds cool so let’s see how is it possible.

Below given some point that helps you to refresh in 10 min.

  • Have some healthy food for your stomach and brain.
  • Have a short mental break.
  • Take a walk outside the class in break time.
  • Take a 10 min nap.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Enjoy with friends.

So, at least follow one of the above given points to refresh yourself in just 10 min.

Smart studies At home.

So, according to the pathway technique, you had completed about 60% of your study work at school/college using the above procedure. So, what next? Here, we discuss the technique in detail that helps you to study smart at home as well as to complete the rest 40% study effectively in less time.

Remember, if you keep your mind sharp and always think positive then, of course, it becomes effortless for you to learn anything in a short time. But the question is how to do so? Let’s understand this, in brief, using the pathway technique.

So, you should follow some tips given below to keep your mind sharp and study smart. Instead, don’t consider these as tips only try to implement these routines in your daily life to see a massive change in yourself. So, we divide the method in Morning and evening basic.

Morning Routine for smart study

Evening Routine for smart study.

Wake up early in the morning.

Being successful in life and feel control in your life means waking up early. Research shows that the student who wakes up early in the morning will have a better aptitude, creativity, and healthier life then wake up late in the morning.

Studies have also suggested early rising and success might be linked. Therefore for a better grade and smart study one need to wake up early.

Study for at least 1 hour in morning.for smart study.

Studies have suggested that to recall anything for a long time. Then morning study is the best time because the brain can focus better in the morning and also who study in the morning benefit from a refreshed and energized mind.

Exercise at least three days a week for smart study.

It’s not to mention that exercise at least 30 minutes three days a week has various positive impacts not only on your brain but also on your body growth.

Some of the positive impacts are listed below.

  • Exercise promotes brain development.
  • Exercise boosts mood and improves motivation.
  • It improves concentration.

Meditate at least 15 minutes a day for smart study.

Meditation has many benefits for smart study. In fact, You fully control your mind by practicing it on a regular basis. Therefore any student needs to meditate regularly for smart study and for a smart mind.

Take calories food at breakfast.

Taking calories food to keep your body and mind fit. In other words, try always to consume calories food that is essential for a healthy body to function well. Studies have suggested that an average body needs 1200 calories in a day to work well.

Regularly go to school/college.

As we already see the benefits of going to school/college. What if you miss your school/college for one day? Indeed you lose your 60% study for that day. Research on 382 students was organized, and we found that the regular student tends to perform 43% more better than the student who misses the school/college.

You pay fees than at least try not to miss your school/college without any reason because this is the only place where you learn something new every day.

Now the question is, what if somehow you miss for a day? Then here, the friends’ play an important role, arranges notes from them, asks what new things he/she learn that day. Asks them to explain the concept that you miss. These trips work very well for me, and of course, it works for you too.

Play an outdoor game.

Playing keeps you mentally and physically strong. Whereas playing an outdoor has many benefits that work well for smart study and creative mind.

Some of the benefits of the outdoor game are listed below.

  • Playing an outdoor game helps you to learn new things.
  • Playing outdoor can boost creativity.
  • It develops a positive attitude and confidence.

Study for at least 3 hours.

Of course, 3 hours study is enough for any student who follows all the above tips. In fact, many scholars who do good and earn a high salary in their field can only study 3-4 hours a day at their school/college time. But the main question is how to study well in these three hours? So, follow this point at home to study smart.

  • First thing, first profoundly go through your school/college notes on the same day. 
  • Try to clear all your concept and confusion on the same day that you studied through the internet or other source like books.
  • Make a study time table and follow it.
  • Try to study more than one subject in these three hours.
  • Make one right handwritten note for each subject. Indeed, these notes are much beneficial for your exam preparations.
  • Explain what you have study to others. This build confidence and you remember things for a long time.
  • Try always to create your way of remembering things. In fact, these tips help me to learn anything fast in very less time.
  • Always plan one step ahead and accordingly do your study.

Sleep at least 8-9 hours a day.

Above all, good sleeping is very beneficial for a sharp mind. In fact, studied suggested that 7-9 hours of sleep is essential for the brain to act and perform well. Mention below some of the healthy benefits of good sleep.

  • Good sleep reduces the risk of depression.
  • Good sleep improve memory.
  • Sleep makes mind more alert.
  • Good sleep keeps your heart healthy.


Ultimately, here complete the discussion for why and how to study smart.

So we see today that for smart study discipline as well as tips work simultaneously.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Which strategy from pathway technique are you going to try first.

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favourite tips.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

How to study smart & achieve success quickly? (the proven technique)

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