Study zone welcome you all , here you can find NCERT solutions and competitive exam for class 9-12 , sample paper , Competitive exam questions along with solution. This is the platform, where you can easily understand the solution, and get the concept easily.

Study zone provide you all the solutions of NCERT pattern, chapter wise, along with sample paper , You can click on the above link ,and directly go to that page and get the solutions ,so this is the last step for your solutions search.

Study zone helps the student, to find the NCERT solutions and competitive exam for class 9-12  book for all classes and it covers the whole solution in a chapter wise so that you can easily find the solution , and also provide sample paper for all classes that helps students to know the idea about question paper

Study zone Feel the student needs and requirement and according to this we establish our website. This website is the last stop for your solution search of the required materials

Most student think that the Mathematics is difficult and they treat in a way that it is difficult to understand them but what the truth is mathematics is very simple and formula based subject.

only you have to do is to try to play with numbers. and treat mathematics in a simple way and try to make interest in it , we provide you a best trick and efficient way to keep interest in mathematics.

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